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Inflatable mechanical shark. My family is so funny. Here is the story:

My one aunt is deathly afraid of sharks. My other aunt (see picture) is the best jokester in the world, not stopping at anything to play the perfect prank. As deathly-afraid-of-sharks aunt is peacefully sleeping after an aggressive day of wine tasting, jokester-aunt, with the help of the other two (we can call them Tweedledee and Tweedledum), embark on one of the funnier jokes I have heard played on someone. They put a speaker in the room of sleeping, deathly-afraid-of-sharks aunt and start playing the Jaws theme song. They then push the inflatable shark (see pictured) into the room, having it hover over deathly-afraid-of-sharks aunt. As the music gets louder and the shark continues to circle its prey, deathly-afraid-of-sharks aunt suddenly wakes up, screams, and scuttles out of the room faster than Bolt running the 100m.

Needless to say, they recorded the event and proceeded to make my sister and I cry tears of laughter the next day with the retelling of their previous evening antics.

Like I said, my family is so funny.

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